LABEX offers system solutions for logistics, quality assurance, diagnostic analysis and production to bloodbanks, clinical laboratories, biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

By challenging today’s routines and standards, by being curious and creative, we help our customers succeed better with what matters to them. Together with our customers, we save lives.

Please contact us for information about the products and services that you are interested in and we will gladly assist you. e-mail: labex@labex.com

If you are looking for information about our products and services for the Scandinavian Life Science sector, please click here.

Sweden – head office Visiting & Postal address Ekslingan 6, SE-254 67 Helsingborg

Phone +46 42 32 40 00

Norway – office Visiting & Postal address Sandviksveien 26 NO-1363 Høvik

Phone +47 66 79 90 20

Denmark – office Visiting & Postal address Gl Køge landevej 55, DK-2500 Valby

Phone +45 45 66 13 00


Labex headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden.