Providing high quality, made in Sweden, reagents for instruments around the world.

The manufacturing process takes place at Labex Reagens AB´s modern facilities in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Production and quality control is ISO9001:2015 certified, which guaranties that all steps in the production process follow instructions and that all steps and results are carefully documented. All products are CE-marked and produced under GMP conditions.

We produce four different categories of reagents:

Diluents / Sheath

Diluents are osmotically balanced buffer solutions used as:

1) reference.
2) transportation of the blood sample.
3) dilution of the blood sample.

To ensure an accurate cell count it is necessary that the diluent fulfils all three functions over a long period of time. We manufacture several types of diluents, to meet the different specifications from the instrument manufacturers.

Lysing Agents

Lysing agents serve two main functions:

1) To hemolyse the erythrocytes and to stabilize the released hemoglobin into a compound that can be measured optically.
2) To strip the white cells of their membranes without lysing them totally, thus allowing the cells to be counted and sized (differentiated)


To rinse and clean the liquid system in the instrument between analyses as well as more thorough periodic cleaning we produce various sorts of cleaners.

The cleaners can be either in the form of concentrates or as ready to use solutions.

In some cleaners’ enzymes are used to remove protein build-up that occurs on the instrument glassware and tubing.

Wash solution / PBS

We produce a wash solution, PH7, for washing erythrocytes. This solution can also be used as a general rinse solution in instruments and in many more applications as a general PBS solution. This PBS contains very small number of conservatives for a long shelf life.

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All products are CE-marked and produced under GMP conditions.


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